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Selection of pillows by the comfort degree

Almost every person has a pillow on the bed is, but as it suits for you? According to research by doctors about 80% of Europeans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Choosing the right pillow can help you prevent or get rid of these unpleasant sensations.

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You often change position during sleep, so the pillow should has good shock-absorbing properties, to permanently change the shape as a human neck and keep it in the correct position.

Sleep experts have identified a number of key points for you to select a suitable pillow: your posture during sleep, your weight and body type, the parameters of hardness of your mattress.

1. High level of support:
If you sleep on your back, then for you will approach pillow medium or soft support degree (depending on the physique of a sleeping person) is not too high, but not slim, with a sufficient amount of filler for that the neck is not proved to be too elevated, but remained flush with the upper part of the back. Recommended for mattresses of medium hardness..

2. Elastic and Adjustable Pillows:
If you sleep on your side, the pillow height should match the width of the shoulder, completely filling the space between the neck and shoulder, so that your head was a continuation of the line of the neck and back. The medium or elastic support degree of pillow will hold your head high enough that can give confidence in the fact that the spine is not curved. Recomended for hard mattresses.

3. Slim pillows:
If you sleep on your tummy, for you will approach a soft and slim pillow. These pillows are also provided for children and adolescents. Recomended for soft mattresses.


Pillows Elastic and Adjustable
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Подушки упругие и регулируемые — подробнее


Pillows Medium support degree
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Подушки средней степени поддержки — подробнее


Pillows Soft
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Подушки мягкие — подробнее


Pillows Orthopedic effect
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Подушки с ортопедическим эффектом — подробнее