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Warm quilts

For the most severe winters

Goose Down cassette Quilt «Luxe Down Grass»

Wash 30 °С.

Line: DownLine
Collection: Luxe Down Grass
Code Size, sm Weight, g Comfort level
22132 150×200 700 warm
22142 200×220 1140 warm
22182 220×240 1250 warm

Design: double stitch of the product perimeter . Color of edging is the same as the primary color of the fabric.

Fill: 100% new white goose down, exelent quality.

Ткань: 60% TENCEL®, 40% cotton, sateen, color: champagne. The smoothness and softness of satin TENCEL® с fiber with the addition of long-staple Egyptian cotton is controlled and uniformly absorbs moisture and quickly gives it back. Weaving yarn Nm 100/100 TC 330.

For the most severe winters available options of quilts with increased weight of goose down.

Double stitch around the perimeter of pillows with "corporate" edging maintains the shape of the product and ensure a stronger seam, to prevent loss of goose down when using the bedding.

Special sewing of box-cassettes with internal partitions make the duvets are light, airy, but an incredibly warm. Partitions into quilts cassette allows for goose down to gain free a large volume.

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