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Palette Grass Bed Linen

«German Grass» Catalog (11.7 MБ)
Linens of natural jacquard fabrics

Palette Grass —Bed Linen is, above all, high-quality natural jacquard fabric, during its production used of an additional twist yarn. Thereby our linens longer retains excellent appearance without wrinkle, and gives a feeling of coolness in summer and cozy in winter.

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Each set of Palette Grass necessarily has 4 pillowcases of two sizes, which allow the use of pillows of varying degrees of support: for sleep and rest. Wide zipper of blanket cover facilitates change of bed linen. The perfect complement of Palette Grass collection are accessories developed by our engineers.

Sizes and complectations

Type of complectation Bedsheet Blanket case Pillow cases
Family set 260×240 sm — 1 pc. 155×210 sm — 2 pc. 70×70 sm — 2 pc.
50×70 sm — 2 pc.
Duble set 260×240 sm — 1 pc. 200×220 sm — 1 pc. 70×70 sm — 2 pc.
50×70 sm — 2 pc.

Fabric: 60% TENCEL®, 40% cotton — jacquard makosatin. Weaving of yarns — TC 300.

Type of color

Olive Palette Grass

Lavender Palette Grass

Lilac Palette Grass

Platinum Palette Grass

Silver Palette Grass

Lime Palette Grass

White Palette Grass

Apricot Palette Grass