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Our Benefits

Many years experience and strict compliance of international standards.

German Grass® — Austrian trade mark of LUXE class bedding.

Year by year work of GERMAN GRASS® team is the transformation precious hours of night rest of our customers to the healthy sleep, which giving new strength and beauty. Especially important for us is the trust of our customers, and therefore all our efforts, commitment, experience and innovation, we are focusing to create a LUXURY product. The guarantee of the quality of the bedding is our many years of experience and strict control of selection of fabrics, raw materials and excipients, corresponding to world standards.

German Grass® :

Austrian quality  •  Natural materials  •  Exclusive design
Functionality  •  Safety of use  •  The perfection of design

The advantages of working with the products of the brand GERMAN GRASS for the B2B sector
  Stock programm (Stock status) provides for the reservation of products for up to 2 days followed by rebooking under warranty.  
  The high sales profitability, product liquidity and guarantee of demand, proven experience in the textile market.  
  The ability to return and exchange goods (while maintaining its appearance and liquidity of packaging)  
  Easy structuring of collections, allowing to study the range of intuitive. On-line consultation of our specialists, conducting outreach workshops.  
  Branded packaging makes to the real gift any purchase of German Grass.