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Bedding line of wool fillers

Natural wool fibers have excellent therapeutic effect. GERMAN GRASS experts regularly check the quality of raw materials used in the production of bedding, and guarantee the safety of use. Excellent breathability of natural cotton fibers is optimized using fabrics of TENCEL® fibers.

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The exclusive designer stitch of body shape (BodySleep), which used in the manufacture of quilts, keeps splendor of filler and gives to quilts lightness, airiness and exceptional thermal insulation properties.

Into the woolen pillows GERMAN GRASS layer of wool filler attached to the quilted bag. The inner chamber filled by hollow 4L polyester fiber can be easily adjusted by height. The tubular form of 4L polyester fiber has four hole throughout the length of the fiber, which ensures the fiber structure and elasticity even after repeated washings. Spirally twisted fibers is further twisted into soft balls, ensuring excellent orthopedic properties of the pillows.


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