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Goose Down Bedding

Choice white down of European goose — soft and light — has a high Fill Power index, or coefficient of elasticity - the main parameter of fluff quality. The highest levels of Fill Power achieved multi-processing of fresh fluff obtained from the adult birds, and strict adherence to the complicated process.

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GERMAN GRASS® uses only the new goose down, which was not damaged by moisture, not stored for many years and isn't a mixture of other bird species fluff. Using high quality raw materials, we can guarantee that any product of our production will serve you much longer time than cheap analogues on the market.

The correct weight of the filler in GERMAN GRASS® down pillows ensures optimal removal of the spine stress during sleep. The innovative 3D-technology, calibrated and harmoniously combines in its design a special elasticity and the volume of goose feather with tenderness and softness of the lightest goose down. It allows you to create volumetric and high pillows.

High-tech manufacturing process of GERMAN GRASS®  duvets— special sewing of box-cassettes with internal partitions make the duvets are light, airy, but an incredibly warm. Partitions into quilts cassette allows for goose down to gain free a large volume, even with a small amount of fluff.


Collection «Grand Down Grass»
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Collections of 3D Goose Down Pillows
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