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«Ramie Wash Grass»Collection

Cool nights

Ramiyah - natural fiber nettle - has a cooling effect and perfectly absorbs moisture. This natural filler material does not rot, as well as perfectly resists the appearance of mold and mildew.

«Ramie Wash Grass» Quilt

Wash 30 °С.
Code Size, sm Weight, g Comfort level
149130 150×200 800 all seasons
149140 200×220 1200 all seasons
149131 150×200 450 light
149141 200×220 650 light

Design: soft edging, frequent stitches.

Fill: 70% Ramiyah, 30% polyester fiber.

Fabric: 100% cotton, color: white.

100% cotton has the Certificate Oeko-Tex® of Standard 100, which confirms the absence of substances a hazardous to human health.

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