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Secrets of the Austrian textile masters perfected of many years experience.

ТМ German Grass  combines the experience of Austrian textile masters. Their skill secrets, honed through years of experience formed the basis for the creation of modern bedding collection. Advanced technology, the finest fabrics and precious fillers, realized in the traditional production and multiplied by the years of experience, transforming bedding to refined luxury.


«For LUXE class products there is no short-term trends. With extensive experience and constantly improving in the field of textile technology, we invest the maximum of what we are capable, both in terms of aesthetics and the high quality embodiment.

When choosing "German Grass" bedding, our customers want to get the best, and we are trying to keep our manufacture at the highest level.»

Only the best materials and innovative technologies

One of the key points of creating the truly luxurious and elegant bedding is the selection of fabrics used in the production.

Ecologically pure natural material

TENCEL® is ecologically pure natural material produced of hardwood. Day of the invention, the material entered a new chapter in the history of research and development of biological fibers. Fabrics made of natural material TENCEL® have great absorption properties more than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than flax.

When comparing the surfaces of cotton and TENCEL®, the obvious advantages of the new amazing material is quickly identified:

  • TENCEL® is the lider of humidity regulation. It controlles and uniformly absorbs moisture and quickly gives back 50% more than cotton;
  • The smooth surface of the fabric extremely pleasant to the touch and is ideal for sensitive skin (the tests of the German Allergy and Asthma Union, Germany, 2008);
  • Absolute ecological origin: TENCEL®  is fiber made of pure wood pulp of eucalyptus trees of natural forests.

Perceptible softness of TENCEL® fibers prevents skin irritation due to its extremely flat and smooth surfaces:

Волокна TENCEL
TENCEL® fibers
Волокна шерсти
Wool fibers
Волокна хлопка
Cotton fibers

The incredible power of moisture absorption

Innovative TENCEL® consists of microscopic fibers called fibrils. The channels between fibrills regulate moisture absorption and release process. The absorption of moisture takes place quickly and easily, as well as the subsequent release it outside, which ensures optimum moisture control fabric and the most comfortable conditions for the human skin.

Research has shown that synthetic materials do not exhibit such characteristics. But in comparison with cotton TENCEL® also has shown the excellent results: the use even 50% of the material in the fabric composition provides excellent performance of the process of regulation of humidity.


Limiting the growth of bacteria

Ограничение роста бактерийPerfect moisture management system of cellulose TENCEL® fiber is responsible for slowing the growth of bacteria and leave no chance for that! Being completely natural material, it completely eliminates the formation of excessive moisture on the surface, which would support the growth of bacteria. Studies have shown a significant limitation and the complete cessation of the growth of bacteria without the use of any chemical additives. Compared with synthetic fibers the reduction of harmful microorganisms growth in TENCEL® material reaches 2000 times!


Most GERMAN GRASS® collections using fabrics of this luxurious material, which its exquisite brilliance and ecological profitable emphasizes the excellence of our bedding. Particular sateen weaving yarns of the fabric gives additional softness, and the larger number of threads per  1 sm2 enhances its strength.